Private Residence in Kifisia by ISV Architects

Private Residence in Kifisia is a task completed in 2012 by ISV Architects.

Found in Kifisia, Greece, the modern home has an open architecture that enables for a seamless blend in between indoors and outdoors.

Personal Residence in Kifisia by ISV Architects:

“This is a main refurbishment project of an outdated 1960s creating that essential a total restoration. Its redevelopment was necessary in buy to meet a modern family’s wants and hence redefining the relationship of the constructing with its context.

The intervention was implemented via 2 phases, a single dated 2007, and the latter in 2012 incorporating a single far more level. Most components from the original developing were demolished. The load bearing construction was the only factor that was kept and was then repaired or retrofitted the place required. After this, it was treated as a completely new undertaking.

For the duration of the style, new requirements emerged which had to be considered. Firstly, the extension of the building, addition of 2 added rooms was made a decision, 1 in every floor. Some small inner rooms had to be unified in buy to open up the space, and in the second intervention a single floor degree was added over the part of the building structure, changing the layout, and use of spaces once more.

A fantastic emphasis was provided to the entrance of the creating as effectively, as the visitor progressively moves from the public street to the inside of the residence. Therefore, a long and wide corridor was made, alternating from covered to open elements of different heights, and with distinguished perpendicular slits pattern in the wall that lead to the core of interior. The lighting of this corridor is dramatic and the geometry is austere and easy, with resources steadily transitioning from pebbles to wood.

Last but not least, the inner openings improve the relationship of the home with its environment as an atrium in the middle opens the area up. A pool was also added to this atrium, some covered areas, as well as planting, in purchase to improve the daily use and good quality of life.

The very first floor has a personal courtyard which is in total viewing contact with the atrium and a massive element of the garden. As the entrance corridor, the courtyard commences with wood from within and adjustments to pebbles in the direction of the exterior.

The external surfaces have special wooden window screens that generate a continuous look of the facade and the same pattern repeats in the metal motifs of the fencing. Other supplies utilized are plaster, glass, marble and stainless steel. The atmosphere of tranquility and minimalism of each exterior and the interior are emphasized by light colors: white, beige and grey and the use of supplies in its all-natural texture.”

First Level Prepare

Images by: Erieta Attali

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