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Private Residence by Bumper Investments

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Personal Property is a venture finished by Bumper Investments.

It is found in Beauvallon, a commune in the Drôme department in southeastern France.

Personal Residence by Bumper Investments:

“”PRIVATE HOUSE” is a large household residence situated in Beauvallon, in the Gulf of St. Tropez on the French Cote d’Azur. Stylistically the present day concrete, glass and steel development is the first of its sort in the area, marking a new generation of style in a area wealthy with tradition. Bumper Investments, the developers, envisioned an aesthetic and sensorial hyperlink among the edifice and the surrounding nature and garden. Corresponding to the all-natural topographical setting, the greatest height of the elevation reaches just above the treetops, impressing on the inhabitant ideals of currently being at one particular with the surrounding wildlife. This modern house is a concrete, glass and steel construction that employs transparent, movable glass walls to more blur the idea of what is inside of and external to the volume of the home, enabling the open indoor spaces to fuse deftly with the exterior setting. The woodpressed concrete offers a powerful and great texture even though echoing the notion nature’s direct involvement in the way we get shelter. Although usually brutal, the concrete’s treatment softens the material’s appearance by including illusion to the structure’s presently very livable characteristics. Furthermore, the adaptable walls permit the property to use all-natural light and consider advantage of cross ventilation to constantly break the Provence summertime heat.

Immersion with the Cote d’Azur’s organic verdure is pivotal to the encounter envisioned for the residence-complex, prompting the landscape to attribute a couple of citrus trees and a lush, diverse backyard. The loved ones might draw from their backyard at will, and in undertaking so live sustainably and at ease. Emphasizing the notion of sustainable life within nature is the remodeling of a shipping container into an open-ended bedroom at the site’s reduce elevation. From the primary residence there is a softly lit organic path top to the concealed door along the container’s shell. Inside of the container one particular end is the bathroom, which extends into a floating pellucid shower surrounded by bamboo – at the other is a sliding glass door foremost out onto a patio. Transparency on each ends of the remodeled container admits generous daylight to filter across the room, superbly catching the colour of the wooden floor. The container offers the user the most exclusive knowledge of comfort amid the all-natural world, which is the essence of The Private Property.

The residing spaces are divided into 3 areas. The primary segment containing 3 bedrooms – a master bedroom on the 2nd elevation linked to a massive living room framed in sliding glass walls, and 2 rooms on the ground floor with garden accessibility. A secondary area for bedrooms named Le Dortoir takes shape beneath the pool and is separated from the garden by one more glass wall. The pool is wrapped in huge sections of neighborhood tree bark that naturally insulates the rooms beneath. The pool’s surface is degree with the terrace and parallel to the treetops, which equates every breath at the best to a glimpse into your personal personal jungle. The pool connects to an within/outdoors living area, keeping the circulation of the upstairs program, although extending visibility of the Mediterranean. Wood actions link the upstairs to the lawn in which the secondary bedroom, Le Dortoir rooms, and a storage closet can be accessed. The lawn extends to the downstairs patio’s starting the place 1 may enter the kitchen, rest on lounge chairs or wander down to the container.”

Pictures courtesy of Bumper Investments

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