Present day Apartment at Turin, Italy by Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa

This modern apartment with this million dollar view found in Turin, Italy  designed by Andrea Marcante & Adelaide Testa.
An apartment created on the mezzanine level of a constructing overlooking the square that symbolises the city of Turin, Piazza San Carlo erected by the Dukes of Savoy and in particular Maria Cristina di Francia, who reigned as “Madama Reale” for the duration of the 1st half of the 17th century, turns into a present day-day theatre representing a specified concept of the bourgeois house, the house of the Turin professional middle lessons, via its spaces and the furniture within it, all embodying reassuring engineering precision and subtle concerns.

The constructing program, characterised by a tunnel-shaped progression from the rear to the drawing room facing the square, the windows opening onto the square itself with their provided form and dimension of the “oculus” on the developing facades marking the perimeter, and the require to set out the relational spaces in the residing quarters as zones and premises that (to a greater or lesser degree) can be observed from outside, give the first input for the development of a vaguely metaphysical property environment.

Photography by Carola Ripamonti.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 3 April, 2014

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