Pop Art Apartment- Russia Dmitriy Schuka

Pop Artwork Apartment – Ekaterinburg, Russia Dmitriy Schuka

The Pop Ar2rk Apartment quickly evokes cheer with bursts of boldness in walls, furnishings and ar2rk. This contemporary dream dwelling rooted with a large Roy Lichtenstein perform, was developed by designer-artist Dmitriy Schuka and is located in Ekatinburg, Russia.

Although the eclectic color splash is quick, it is the mix of antique with present day which tends to make this artistic residence so inviting and interesting. Graphic furniture–think country flags, geometric patterns and animals–is portrayed in a combine of mod and traditional designs, which functions due to the fact they’re in vibrant hues which harmoniously ties them together. The shared residing-dining-kitchen room is drawn together by bays of windows elegantly dressed in sheer drapery.

Walls are mostly white to contrast the dark wood floors and let the rainbow tones shine. A handful of select accent walls are draped in sizzling pink or ink black paint, which generates a striking wow-issue to these certain rooms. Accents in a trio of turquoise-pink-yellow tempt with whimsy across these modern day interiors.

The Lichtenstein entrance hallway is vibrant, amazing and ultra-hip all at as soon as. The neon pink walls against glowing lemon trim perform best backdrop to the perform of art, which is pristinely exhibited in the gallery-like space.

Lighting fixtures run the gorgeous gamut from classic brass-shade chandeliers to contemporary globe fixtures and pedestal lamps ringing in neon hues. Can this get any much more fun?!

The master bedroom is a dreamy room, with botanical drapes and fluffy white and lime linens to coordinate with the bed, resting beneath an ethereal present day white pendant. A wall of bookshelves arranged in a colorful spectrum is appealing, even though the shiny black animal skin rug in front of the bed is the daring contrast within this room.

A lime, aqua and pink bathroom features all of the amenities of a spa but delivers a lot more verve than fundamental white-on-white. A enormous glazed shower, angular basins and high-gloss vanity and cabinetry set the radiant tone.

The Pop Art Apartment is a chic, contemporary dream apartment, bursting with juicy color and artistic flair.

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