One27 Grovedale by Craig Sheiles Properties

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Australian firm Craig Sheiles Properties has made the One27 Grovedale in Perth, Australia.

This modern residence was developed as a demonstrator to showcase a mid-century modern inspired open program residing area.

One27 Grovedale by Craig Sheiles Properties:

“Taking cues from mid – century modern day architecture – ONE27 GROVEDALE explores a contemporary design which is daring in type and refined in its composition. A palette of textural resources mixed with clean white cubist forms gives an aesthetic of elegantly composed, proportioned constructing kinds.

This residence consists of a series of straightforward intersecting and overlapping rectangular boxes with double volume heights producing dramatic spatial relationships within the open strategy layout. Each box offers a zoned arrangement which is organised all around a central void and staircase. Personal and shared household spaces movement from this distribution stage.

The design and style emphasizes a casual entertaining way of life incorporating open strategy living areas that assimilate the outdoor residing room. Huge expanses of glass and materials which extend previous the building envelope let for the integration of nature into the indoors and the blurring of the boundaries between within and outdoors. Passive solar style concepts orientate the property to the north and the large expanses of glass permit the deep penetration of winter sunlight into the interior.”

Pictures courtesy of Craig Sheiles Properties

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