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Okura Residence by Bossley Architects

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Okura Property is situated in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, and was created by Bossley Architects.

The spacious property has numerous outdoor regions that look out to the huge rolling hills that surround it, enabling for a pleasant view from the warmth and comfort of the striking construction.

Okura Home by Bossley Architects:

“Designed for a delicate ridge in rolling countryside, this residence was depressed 3 metres into the current ridgeline to minimise affect on the sea views from the neighbouring sites.

2 separate buildings, linked by screens and light-weight roof, define the entry and pool area and assist minimise the total visual bulk. The primary living wing has a central area of concrete walls and earth roof to replicate the authentic ridge when viewed from afar. From this ‘grounded’ element radiate the floating roof above the living places, and a separate bedroom wing which cantilevers drastically above the falling land.”

Pictures courtesy of Bossley Architects

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