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Normal Pool By Balena GmbH

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This organic pool is found in Germany, and was developed by Balena GmbH.

The pool is created to seem much more like a pond than a pool, generating a extremely charming impact whilst maintaining control in excess of the landscape.

Normal Pool by Balena GmbH:

“This is a huge personal pool with organic water. It is obtaining cleared by the TeichMeister Filter-Technique.

TeichMeister organic pools attribute an aquatic biology with lengthy-phrase stability, providing the best mix of attractive setting and ease of maintenance. When purchasing a organic pond, it is essential to get into consideration the perform necessary to run and sustain it.

This will ensure that you can take pleasure in the high quality and usability of your pond for many years. Typical swimming pools call for the use of chemical additives, but with a normal pool this is pointless. Nonetheless, in purchase to achieve a steady aquatic biology, the facility nonetheless wants to be maintained and cleaned on a standard basis.

Only then your TeichMeister all-natural pool technique can assure untroubles bathing and swimming.”

Photographs by: Florian Meier

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