Naramata Cabin By Robert Bailey Interiors

Canadian interior designer Robert Bailey has sent us photographs of a residence he has finished in Naramata, British Columbia, Canada.



Perched on the shores of gorgeous Lake Okanagan, this Naramata vacation home is a family’s “dream-come-correct.”

Inspired by consumer sketches and the surrounding geography, the project was designed from the ground up. The outcome is a present day home that remains correct to the notion of “cabin,” becoming humble and unpretentious.

We utilised French oak on the ceiling and floors, the pre-distressed, fumed planking presented relaxed however resilient surfaces. Forgiving, not precious, it is the strongest design material in the home. Our aim for the furnishings was to accomplish a sense
of simple luxurious comfort, that feels curated rather and developed.

Blurring the lines among indoor and outdoor residing, the home is relaxing, sturdy, and rugged, with a defined goal of summertime pleasure.

Interior Style: Robert Bailey Interiors
Photography: Josh Dunford

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