Midvale Courtyard Residence By Bruns Architecture

Bruns Architecture have developed the renovation of the Midvale Courtyard Residence in Madison, Wisconsin.



Balancing the introverted nature of a courtyard with the bold persona of an extrovert all although managing issues of privacy, this renovation builds on its solid mid-century roots. Located on a active boulevard in the state’s capital, the 1,685 sf half-century old ranch house was confined and uninviting, leaving its spaces dark and disconnected from the website. The renovation and 840 sf addition of Midvale Courtyard Property adds a proper entry, elevated master suite, and covered parking, but also pierces and stretches the strong varieties to create connection between indoor and outside spaces.

Set back on its whole lot, the residence is buffered from the occupied street targeted traffic. But the adjacent neighbors are closely spaced, challenging the notion of opening the interior to light and views. By creating a series of personal outside rooms, the interior spaces visually lengthen beyond their original boundaries. As a consequence, the prepare turns into a collection of independent wings each and every with a heightened concentrate on their distinctive programmatic requirements. Taller ceiling heights are developed in the public living wing by affixing the new second floor above the original ceiling height, permitting light to penetrate deeper into the main degree.

One’s knowledge is choreographed by means of a sequence of private courtyards and interior zones. A series of web site walls with varying levels of opacity organize pathways, linking the exterior rooms and supplying access throughout the strategy. Composed with its personal courtyard, the new entry and vertical circulation element reorients the house’s façade while integrating the new motor court with the primary framework. The geometry of the new entry is extruded into the primary form to organize the kitchen on the 1st floor and master bath on the 2nd floor. On the principal degree, the wood floor transforms into the ceiling surface. And in the master bath an exotic wood ribbon folds up and more than itself, defining a spa-like wet zone. Sitting above the neighboring houses, the new master suite contains a personal courtyard terrace. A partial height privacy wall creates intimacy while masking the adjacent rooftops, leaving only views to the mature tree canopies past.

The building’s envelope is upgraded with new insulation and roof assemblies. Power effective mechanical systems exchange outdated infrastructure. The new insulated, low-e glazed fenestration naturally illuminates interior spaces, and all supplemental lighting is upgraded with energy effective fixtures and lamps.

Architecture: Bruns Architecture
Interior Designer: MANI & Company
Photography: Tricia Shay Photography

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