Mercer Island Residence by Stuart Silk Architects

“The purpose of this undertaking was to turn a house with small or no connection to the outside into an open and functional house. Initially made by an engineer who created office buildings, the house had an introverted presence and grand scale. The owners needed one thing modern and functional and most importantly, usable.

Our concept was to re-center the home around the central residing spaces. We carved out a formal dining area and restructured the stairs to be much more effective and powerful in organizing the circulation via the house. Windows replaced glass block and doors that reflect the grand scale of the home grow to be transitions and views from the beautiful views overlooking the yard and the lake. A new kitchen with an open plan transforms the kitchen into the hub of the home that provides the area for gourmet cooking and still be a location for family members to collect.

The exterior of the house acquired architectural upgrades that broke up the massing and scale to be much more residential and visually organize the façade. The interior went through a massive transformation as rooms were realigned with recent demands of the owner. The master suite was enlarged with a new bathroom and a big skylight above the tub to flood the previously dark room with light. Interior finishes, lighting, and updated plumbing turn into well appointed rooms that are refreshingly comfy and light-filled”.

Photography by Alex Hayden.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 4 March, 2014

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