Méjico Restaurant & Bar By Juicy Design And Style

Juicy Design and style have created a restaurant and bar referred to as Méjico, situated in Sydney, Australia.


From Juicy Design and style

Our journey with this restaurant started out with the client’s clear vision for the menu, that type to differentiate from the latest influx of Mexican meals into the Australian market place. We in flip needed to make certain that we delivered a brand and restaurant expertise that matched this desire. In the naming of the restaurant we desired to express authenticity and genuinely very own Mexican meals and ‘Méjico,’ the neighborhood identify for Mexico appeared to fit nicely.

In the advancement of this brand we desired to stay away from the obvious cliché’s and develop a area that reflected the culture, without turning out to be a pastiche. We use very bold, hand painted graphics, on floors and walls, to set the vitality ranges higher. The preparing of the restaurant brings food to the street, with guacamole, limes, chili’s and roasted corn as the centerpiece. This wraps into a bar to cater for early diners and these who just want to come for the tequila! The restaurant then sweeps down, mixing communal settings with more classic banquette seating, anchored with an open kitchen at the rear.

Style: Juicy Style

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