McDougall Kitchen by Cuisines Steam

This kitchen by Cuisines Steam sits inside a completely renovated home located in Outremont, a wealthy residential borough of the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Each detail in this renovation was very carefully planned and meticulously carried via in purchase to respect the architectural character of the property.

The final result is a warm and space with a combine of classic components and modern lines.

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McDougall Kitchen by Cuisines Steam:

“Cuisines Steam’s intervention came early on in the preparing method, thus permitting us to plan alongside the consumer, specifically how the kitchen would be configured. We had liberty as to the optimal place of the island and storage units, taking into consideration the all-natural light, the placement of the dining table and the adjacent residing space.”

The kitchen consequently becomes the feature of the ground floor and at the same time, it integrates seamlessly as properly as discreetly, into the open area. The main challenge in this area was maximizing the storage and counter area wants of the consumer, all the although generating a kitchen that plays an essential part but does not overwhelm or dominate the open idea layout. The 17 foot island is strategically placed in such a way that it is only partially noticeable from both the dining space and residing space so as to not visually monopolize the area. The ergonomic and storage demands continue to be uncompromised and the area feels clutter-cost-free.

The principal intention for this project was to generate a modern kitchen although introducing certain traditional components, such as a chevron wood floor and a tile insert with standard varieties, in purchase to highlight the original factors of the home. In this way, we were capable to harmoniously introduce a modern day kitchen into a classic context.

The storage contains a pull-out coffee and breakfast nook, integrated appliances as effectively as loads of personalized storage answers to reply to the certain wants of a family of 6 with 4 younger children. The window was also included into the kitchen layout by encasing it totally in wood and allowing for an integrated bench to sit beneath it. In this way it is an integral part of the kitchen and welcomes any individual to curl up in the window sill and chat with the chef of the moment.

“Our principal challenge was to produce a kitchen that reflected the each day lives of the clientele all the while accentuating the architectural character of the residence.”

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Photos by: Mario Dubreuil

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