Maylands Additions by Jonathan Lake Architects

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Australian architectural firm Jonathan Lake Architects has developed the Maylands Additions.

Completed in 2010, this previous heritage-listed house in Maylands, Australia, was meticulously remodeled and extended.

Maylands Additions by Jonathan Lake Architects:

“The undertaking is a very crafted response to the clientele requests for a house that respects the power and delicacy of the current. It is a function of humility that builds on the materials and detailed richness of the current heritage listed residence.

Formally the home is composed of 2 parts, an extension of the type of the existing property underneath which a new type has been inserted. The new insertion is a tight skin of timber and steel that is open at the finish and has cautiously lower openings in its sides. The openings are steel framed windows with exaggerated depth to match the thickness of timber clad walls. The deep steel frames support articulate the perform of light and shade into the residence. The placement of these openings relate to the interior and the creation of essential connections to the landscape.

Internally a central concrete core generates the organizational and conceptual centre of the task. The concrete brings added fat and presence to emphasize this. Contained within the core is the kitchen, the heart of the house. Situated about the core are the livings spaces and dining area. The central placement of the core encourages motion and exploration while also framing or generating new encounters with the landscape. Developed over 3 ranges every single space has a special and different connection to the outdoors. A deck is nestled outside the dining space in between the new addition and an extraordinary eucalyptus tree. Moments for informal use have been created into the home in the varieties of a concrete bench that transforms from shelving to lounge seating and measures to the external deck are further high to act as places to sit amongst the garden.”

Photographs by: Robert Frith

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