Matryoshka by UdA

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Matryoshka is a residential undertaking situated in Turin, Italy.

It was created by UdA and completed in 2012.

Matryoshka by UdA:

“A new residential task by UdA inside the former CEAT ex-industrial spot in Turin has to come to terms with a constrained surface, just about 40 sq.m (430 sq.ft), and with the simplicity of a box (container) , a plain parallelepiped with prolonged and narrow faces. UdA, in the persons of Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa, is given a new opportunity to cope with a publish-industrial context and therefore feel seriously about the peculiar facets and characteristics of architectural area. The designers eventually deal with to totally produce the theme of numerous structures nesting inside one yet another. In this way inner spaces are organized as an external landscape, a continuous movement of frequently encountered shapes, scenes and moments belonging to ordinary lifestyle.

The extended and narrow room gets to be arranged in a sequence of “modules”, turned towards the neighbouring places and within in which the owner cooks, eats, sleeps, helps make enjoy, has exciting. This results in a minimum-sized residing module in which the materials and their sensorial attributes modify as the numerous actions get spot and shapes are modified accordingly. Wood finishing is various if one particular goes from the bedroom to the bathroom down to the kitchen marble slabs appear unobtrusive or even hidden with discretion as if they had been abstract characters in the human comedy and black-lacquered or Corian surfaces, equivalent to a shadow perform, act as linking elements of the total plot, although their rigid geometric shapes send graphic tips and set up a dialogue with the motifs of the wallpaper on the surrounding walls.

Residing spaces are thus obtained :they begin as strictly functional and eventually turn into very emotional units. The components utilised in room could adjust their efficiency by transformation. Silk screen-printed curtains for illustration could be transformed into laminated surfaces that subsequently could flip into a coating for a piece of furnishings that afterwards could turn into an independent architecture, a piece of products with modifying morphology expressing from time to time its functions in uncommon methods. However to a little extent, room nevertheless appears to be controlled by reason. Meanwhile a lamb has already reached the table, Mickey Mouse is holding firmly the bench, a modest plant has won potting soil back and a scooter is prepared to throw new light onto the scenes that unfold in this tiny loft inhabited by a younger businessman.”


Images by: Carola Ripamonti

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