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Loft MM is a private home positioned in Bilzen, Belgium.

It was completed in 2012 by A.C. ARCHITECTS.


“This remodeling of a little ground floor storage area cum garage into a micro-loft sits within an present historic shophouse that was entirely converted in the early 1990′s into an apartment developing. Organized inside of a 3m (9.84 ft) broad by 30m (98.4 ft) extended room, the apartment attributes the familiar succession of increasingly personal spaces: living space, dining area, a narrow hallway with the kitchen on one side and the bathroom on the other, and at the finish the bedroom/research. It is a single open-strategy area – a sequence of living and dining spaces all open to each and every other. They are shielded as properly as connected by wooden sliding panels, generating a flowing interior room defined by 2 solid factors which accommodate auxiliary functions. Daylight enters each from the windows facing the street and by way of the sliding doors that lead seamlessly out onto a patio situated half underground at the back of the undertaking. Each of these places are created not as separate compartments but as an evolving sequence of spaces, articulated to get advantage of the endlessly shifting characteristics of all-natural light and the existing views in direction of the vibrant street daily life.

The loft is particularly created as an apartment for a wheelchair-bound inhabitant, yet there is nothing at all that even hints at a handicap. The selection of resources for the residing and sleeping areas supplies an elegant, calm environment, while the enclosed aspects are envisaged as cabinets utilizing valuable ceramic materials, produced nearby. On the outside of the developing, the repurposing of the ground floor entailed changing the front entrance to create a ramp to the client’s front door, a new communal entrance for the upstairs neighbours and – inside the communal hallway – a 2nd entrance to the client’s apartment. Within, kitchenware, fridge, oven and garments are stored along the walls behind sliding panels of rough-sawn oak. With the push of a button the kitchen cupboards can be lowered right up until they meet the countertop, generating every thing reachable from a wheelchair, whilst at the identical time closing off the cooking spot from view. A related approach is deployed in the bathroom exactly where the toilet and sink are separated by a large panel from the area containing the shower and washer-dryer. This panel can be rotated to close off only the washer-dryer from see (revealing only the shower) or hiding each, in which case the bathroom properly gets the guest restroom.

Nearly all of the furniture is customized-created, the 2 for the occupant’s convenience and in buy to comply with Belgian disability codes. The dining table, a table for 5, has built-in shelves at each ends and juts off at an angle towards the kitchen – reserving a discreet space for the consumer. The bed, combined with a ‘floating’ desk at the head end, contains all of the technical demands of a hospital bed, such as adjustable height for the entire bed, the head, and the feet, removable side rails and electronic buttons to operate each the bed and other nearby electronic devices hidden in a customized lamp design that can swivel to light both the bed and the desk.”

Pictures by: Tim Van de Velde

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