Loft Apartment in Melbourne, Australia by Adrian Amore Architects

Walls tear, bend and converge in this sleek loft apartment interior housed in a former butter factory, in West Melbourne, Australia, by Adrian Amore Architects.
A sculptural stair sits at the converging level in the room, twisting significantly, and soaring up towards a recreational roof deck which overlooks the city of Melbourne.

The unique apartment contained a steel truss which sliced through its centre, polarising, and its removal, together with the removal of the current roof produced available space for addition bedrooms.

A monochrome palate of white on white with charcoal and black, plays with the abundant organic light which is drawn in from the huge north facing windows and ceiling void.
An in essence open ground floor program is defined by bending, wrapping walls which include a bathroom, laundry and storage spaces.

Sliding doors further develop the chance for expanding or containing, depending on how the ground floor area is used, no matter whether it be as a studio, bedroom or for entertaining.

Photography by Fraser Marsden.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at twelve March, 2014

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