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Light Stage Property – Hiroshima, Japan by Long term Studio

Light Stage Residence in Hiroshima, Japan is a minimalist dream home which harnesses sunlight in a most intriguing way. Created by Potential Studio, the 2-story timber-framed dwelling possesses rounded edges and is fitted with a sun deck depositing light into the house all through the day according to the different degrees it is positioned in.

At around 560 square feet, this tiny single-family property characteristics 2 bedrooms, one bath, a Japanese room and a shared living and kitchen area. The exterior is textured in a medium grey, even though square windows of various sizes pop across the complete facade. Interiors are pure white with organic matte wood flooring generating a graceful simplicity all through.

The ground floor entrance leads to a master bedroom, Japanese room and central bathroom, even though a curved timber staircase ascends to the major level in which the open residing area and kitchen are discovered. A swerving balustrade wall appears to undulate inside the area and contributes a sculptural impact. The play of light inside of this stairwell is magnificent!

As with most classic Japanese households, furnishings are virtually non-existent. A pair of cushions, 1 black, a single white, rest on the floor up coming to a freeform glass coffee table. Diamond-shaped recessed lighting adds a slight cosmic vibe to this otherwise humble space.

The kitchen is bathed in white, featuring an oblong island which functions as the 2 a workspace and sitting location with 2 modern day wood stools. An ultra-modern lighting fixture rises from this countertop as a single stem, extending into 2 linear branches to provide ample, yet understated illumination to the family gathering zone.

A cantilevered steel staircase reaches the upper deck which overlooks the main living zone. The sun terrace can be knowledgeable on the other side of the glazed wall which attributes 2 doors major to the outdoors. It’s this wonderful light receptacle which contributes a literal and aesthetic power to this exclusive dwelling.

Light Stage Residence is a minimalist dream residence, an unconventional and modest construction filled with abundant light.

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Posted by Suzanne at 5 November, 2013

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