Lakeside Property By Spado Architects

Spado Architects have made an extension to a lakeside house in Carinthia, Austria.



The extension to a lakeside residential residence, comprising 3 storeys in all, plays on the form of the landscape and nestles into the steep slope that runs from south to north down to the lake.

Facing the lake, it produces 3 all-glass residential storeys with the kitchen enthroned at their centre, like the command bridge of a ship.

The projections and recesses lend the extension a feeling of lightness, producing roofed outside locations and also generating every of the 3 storeys stand out visually. The kitchen faces east, with its distinctive “eye”, getting the morning sun.

The facade is covered with opaque white glass panels, contrasting in locations with substantial-gloss black glass aspects.

A residence on a lake is generally aligned with the views of the lake. Though facades which face northwards to the lake may seem unfavourable at 1st glance, their rewards grow to be obvious in summertime. There’s no need to set up any shades and they never ever get in excess of-heated. In this context, north-dealing with walls are ideal when you have all-glass facades. The lake turns into the principal protagonist.

Architect: Spado Architects
Photography: Kurt Kuball

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