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KN House by Adrei-studio Architecture

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KN Property is a personal residence positioned in Tứ Liên, Tây Hồ, Hanoi, Vietnam.

It was finished in 2013 by Adrei-studio Architecture, and it possesses a warm and individualistic interior.

KN Residence by Adrei-studio Architecture:

“The Client is a guitarist who is born and grows up in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. He would like to very own a residing space that displays the nature of housing of Hanoian as effectively as the artistic and liberal character in his human, nonetheless, the building budget is quite modest (around $ 15,000.00). That is the explanation why we encounter troubles in creating the property, but we nonetheless do not give up due to the fact of the ideas, the messages we want to convey to people via this process.

Every feeling comes from its photos, architectural specifics utilised in the traditional housing architecture of Vietnam in common and the old Hanoi in distinct (entrance, door, stair, …) that we has refined and developed in purchase to attain an introversive, multi-layered, close-to-nature area. The area is opened and but closed, and vice versa.

Above all, what we get is the happiness of the host when his family requires over this property.”

Photos courtesy of Adrei-studio Architecture

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