Iniala Beach Property by A-cero

We existing 1 of the most recent Worldwide Projects of the Architectural studio A-cero led by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares. This task is an Interior Style advancement in an unique and unique hotel in Thailand.

Found in the bucolic coast area of Natai Seaside in Phuket, this location is characterized by its calm, the vast sands and the turquoise blue waters. This little luxury hotel resort was conceived to enjoy your stay surrounded by great design and style.

The complicated has 10 villas developed by distinct properly-recognized worldwide architects companies.

The project developer entrusted to A-cero the Interior Design and style of 2 rooms of one of the villas, concretely the Villa Bianca. Furthermore, A-cero developed the design of the restaurant of the hotel, Aziamendi (with 3 Michelin Stars) as properly as the exterior chill out spot exactly where you can get pleasure from the incredible views.

A-cero have designed totally everything, even the furniture.

The 2 rooms created by A-cero are on the seafront. 2 shell form bungalows sharing an exterior swimming pool. Each factors perform with each and every other and we tried to achieve the opposite interior layout between them. In the initial room, the vertical lines flow introducing into the sight of the visitor. In the 2nd room the curved lines move horizontally embracing the space about. It is a game of vertical and horizontal lines that wrap the room. Looking for the “ying & yang” and distinct sensations for each other. The furnishings of the rooms is born in each of the curved lines that develop the rooms. The normal regional wood is employed for the floors and the walls of the rooms, hunting for a all-natural atmosphere according to the exuberant surroundings. In each of these rooms we have changed the disposition of the aspects to make them various. The initial room has light wood horizontal sense floor and dark wood ceiling. The 2nd area is the opposite, with dark wood vertical sense floor and light wood ceiling.

The unique A-cero layout furniture for this hotel is produced with high quality polycarbonate in purchase not to see any joint. The white colour is used to make less complicated the introduction of the light within.

The curved lines described previously conform each and every unique furniture piece, acquiring a head bed sculpturally joined with the ceiling. Furthermore some of the lights for the room are integrated in the bed head.

The head bed becomes an unique A-cero design dressing table, characterized by its types, which are similar to the rest of the area. This dressing table is also very versatile, it has distinct removable modules like mirror, drawers, magazine rack, lockbox, fridge, coffee machine, speakers to connect different devices and many compartments that are deployed to use them and collected to preserve every little thing tidy. This dresser is a big area in connection with the other bathroom departments: shower, bathtub, washbasin and toilet.

The luxury notion of this hotel consists of essential ar2rk pictures proposed by the owner and displayed around the complex with the chance to buy them.

The broad windows fill pretty much all the main façade of the room and the guest overlooks to the outdoor landscape –the beach– by way of the porch and the personal swimming pool. The wood pavement is continued to the porch. This location is also equipped with A-cero design furniture, the “Rest” assortment for Vondom.

The project developer and the proprietor of the hotel believe in yet again in Spanish experts. For the restaurant they contacted with the acknowledged 3 Michelin stars chef Eneko Atxa, who has his neighborhood restaurant Azurmendi in Vizcaya, Spain. After the proposal was accepted, the chef acquired involve with the task to implement the kitchen and the menu of Aziamendi, the name of his restaurant in Iniala.

A-cero has made this restaurant for the visitors of the hotel. The restaurant with capability for 70 diners also involves a bar and an spot with big dimension tables. The restaurant installations are imagined taking into account the kitchen demands and the demands given by the Spanish chef Eneko Atxa.

The design and style of a restaurant has produced a welcoming location. In continuation with the design of the rooms, the restaurant has been designed with curved lines and natural supplies. The reality that the restaurant is a glass box, enables the guests to see the surrounding landscape. The wood is utilised for the ceiling and the major walls. In this case we have developed various wood panels for the ceiling to simulate the movement of the waves. With the intention to maximize the form of each wood panel, the floor has been created with light wood and the ceiling with dark wood.

The tables of the restaurant have been created exclusively by A-cero. The curved lines and the natural wood give identity to the room. The tables have been designed for 2 visitors, but thanks to its modular style, we can very easily receive the dimension requested for the tables.

The Platner chairs from Knoll, developed by Warren Platner in 1966 are the excellent complement. These chairs have been upholstered with light green velvet to integrate them with the regional vegetation.

The exterior chill out designed by A-cero complements the restaurant and the visitors can enjoy an appetiser subsequent to the sea. With sliding doors and A-cero style furniture you can take pleasure in the ocean views and the smell of the sea. The tables have the identical modular layout of the restaurant, with Platner design high seats upholstered with waterproof leather.

As soon as yet again A-cero layout transcends borders and carry us to the amazing beaches in Phuket with this exclusive hotel.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 10 April, 2014

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