Industrial-Rustic House - Amsterdam - John Guy van Keulen-kitchen

Industrial-Rustic Home – Amsterdam By John Guy Van Keulen

A contemporary dream property, the Industrial-Rustic Residence in Amsterdam has been cleverly developed and transformed by John Man van Keulen, featuring layer upon layer of fresh, soothing whites. (This chic abode was initial spotted on the v2nen site website.)

The magic here lies inside of the stylization of excessive materials–exposed steel beams dressed with distressed woods fill these chill interiors. What a visual deal with to see corrugated metal ceilings, against walls of warm old brickwork and painted wooden paneling.

The mix-and-match of doors in this dwelling is excellent. For instance, the entrance welcomes with a French nation wood and iron layout. An adjacent set of double doors were customized made of glass and steel and pivot effortlessly between the hall and residing space, making privacy of sound even though making it possible for the modest spaces to stay in sight of every other.

The residing room retains a focal level of a vintage fireplace hearth nestled into traditional grey brick. Furnishings are created of plush white fabrics with fur throws or raw wood with sodered metal, creating for yet another spectacular contrast.

In the kitchen, reclaimed louvre shutters turn out to be doors to recessed storage and resonate towards the smooth island of a thick white counter and bleached wood base. The dining table was also customized by the architect, a strong white-on-white piece flanked by designer chairs of the same clean hue. Sliding glass doors and clerestory windows balance the interplay among the organic light bouncing indoors and the wonderful views of greenery to the outside. A built-in fireplace sets the cozier tone, while even now remaining a modern addition to this breezy, culinary room.

Epoxy-coated concrete floors skim across the quaint interiors providing an stylish sheen, a exclusive juxtaposition to the concrete stucco walls which are developed to portray naturally irregular patterns that a single would uncover in more ancient materials. Simply divine!

The bedroom continues the blend of fundamental with designer furnishings with cotton whites, normal woods, even a serene rural ar2rk depicting antlers, making a soft black-and-white base. The bulb-on-a-wire pendant is wrapped all around a perforated white steel beam, hanging gracefully above the bed. A freestanding white tub in the bath emulates a more conventional version, and rests up coming to a window clad with rotating, vertical wooden slats.

The Industrial-Rustic Property is an intimate and airy present day dream residence with a cool vibe and white-sizzling design.

Photographs by Tjitske van Leeuwen.

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