Home On The Seaside by BAK Architects

House On The Seashore is a private residence designed by BAK Architects.

It is positioned in Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, and was finished in 2009.

Property On The Seaside by BAK Architects:

“The Location: The land of 20mx47m (62ftx155ft) in which we have to intervene is placed a number of meters away of the dune in which the beach ends. In spite of it, the land is near a house of big size which clogs in some elements the views to the sea.The rest of the views, totally free of near buildings, enables the enjoyment of little vegetation, acacias and tamarinds, that overlooks the sea on 1 side and the forest insinuates on the other. The land has the particularity to present, in the center and along its length, a 3 meters crest elevation in relation to their sides. This singularity and the need to elevate the building over the natural line of the lot to obtain sea views were fundamental issues in the proposal.

The commission: The consumers, a younger couple with 3 small children, arrived to our examine asking for a residence of concrete -as it seems to has a low maintenance and we really like the style of the other people houses you have previously manufactured – they mentioned – we need to have a big house with 5 or 6 bedrooms and huge spaces of meeting but to be recognized in 2 stages – they add. We propose that, as the existing rules allows it they can think about building 2 various housing units, 1 of them the principal property in a dimension that allows us to constructed it in 1 stage and then yet another for guests. Happy with this proposal and with the aesthetic and constructive resolution that the studio had presently completed in the forest, the clientele only conditioned the venture requiring us that we need to consider advantage out of this spot so shut to the beach to appreciate the sea views from the main rooms of the residence, as nicely as from its expansions.

The program: The commission for the initial stage was a house with a major bedroom with bathroom en suite, 2 bedrooms to the sons with a shared bathroom and a services bedroom for visitors, with its own bathroom. It was also required a dining space with integrated kitchen, grill and growth terrace, a semi-covered garage and an enclosed area to be utilized as a common deposit and for saving the quadricycle.

The proposal: We emphasis our search for options trying to accommodate this system to this topography and certain environment, looking for gaining views to the sea with out generating significant changes to the dune. In relation with the path of the sun and the dominant winds, the house must be open to the NE and management its openings to the SO. The lateral facade to the SE, despite of been exposed to sturdy rains and winds, should have big openings to provide views to the sea.

With this premises and doing work in the transversal part of the land, we note that if we place the principal floor program of the house like a prism perpendicularly more than the crest of the dune, we reach, in one particular finish, views to the sea, while in the other end and under it, we can develop an entry strategy at the exact same degree of the street and in the identical area but over the principal prism we could produce one more floor which can be the primary bedroom and its bathroom with a big terrace providing generous views to the entire land. Made a decision that the stairway, which logically organizes the 3 ranges, was transformed into a foremost area, hence its strategic area and its studied spatial treatment with an emphasis on light entrance and the views created in its path. The proposed afforestation, following the principle of minimal intervention in the landscape consisted of projecting retaining walls of quebracho sleepers to assist contain the dune to let the regrowth of the zone’s pastures.

The practical organization: After saving the difference of height among the street and the entry level with the support of wood planks, it is accessed to the property by a semi-covered (which can be used as a garage) where a quebracho tables’ wall is highlighted formed by the gateway that closes the storage and also the entrance door. In this degree it is placed a little hall, the guestroom with its bathroom and the inner entry to the storage and the laundry. Going up the stairs amongst concrete walls you get to the primary floor of the residence. It has a residing space with integrated kitchen, with expansions to the front and the back of the whole lot, and 2 bedrooms for the young children with a bathroom for this level.

In parallel to the initial staircase develops the stairs leading to the top floor of the home. By this 1, you reach a little hall from which you can access a big terrace to the front and 1 to the back, and also the primary bedroom with bathroom en suite. This space has exceptional views towards the beach and by means of a generous opening can go out to the primary terrace from which one particular can take pleasure in views of the entire landscape.

The structural answer: The total house is solved by reinforced concrete partitions and slabs. The versatility of this constructive method enables us to resolve the essential overhang of the semi-covered entry as it doesn’t have any support in 1 of its extremes, as we think about relevant for the venture that the 3 amounts of the property had been not expressed in the front. We also use a important cantilever on the opposite finish, the place the dune falls abruptly, so that the home lean without altering its all-natural profile.

The construction: It was employed the identical concrete of the other works in Mar Azul (H21 with fluidizer) a mixture with low amount of water that when forge create a concrete with a great deal of compactness. As a consequence of this procedure, it is not required to utilize any variety of dealing with,attaining a minimal budget in its terminations and a minimum or non posterior upkeep. The adaptation of the constructive method used in the forest for this location, consist in the use of “decks as umbrellas”. They are created by braces of wood seated to the slab on which the tables rely so that amongst them and the concrete ceiling is a room via which air flows.

On the other hand , to boost the thermal insulation of the exterior walls it was create, in the interior element, a wall of air bricks revoked and painted, and also it was imagined, in the entire locals, cross ventilation to make the maritime winds awesome in the days of large temperature and to keep away from making use of air conditioning technique.The openings are made by aluminum it was utilized open windows as an alternative of sliding windows in buy to keep away from the accumulation of sand in the guides, and it was utilised double glass with air chamber to optimize the thermal insulation. The heating system, simply because of the truth that there is not all-natural gasoline in the zone, was resolved with a method that agreed salamander, bottle gasoline stove and electrical resistances. The total interior septums are made by air-bricks revoked and painted with white latex. The bathrooms have ceramic facings in the walls which are not created by reinforced concrete. The floor is created by smooth cement divided by aluminum’s planks. The encounter amongst walls and floor was resolved with an aluminum profile as a socle.

Furnishings: It was design by the research it is an agreed among immobile furnishings manufactured of concrete and mobile furnishings made of recovered Canadian wood pine which comes from boxes of package’s engines. The table (resolved like a slab united to the septum which divides the kitchen and the residing space), the closets, and the woodshed are created of concrete.”

Pictures by: Guillerme Morelli

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