Home in Wondelgem by BLAF Architecten

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This personal residence is situated in Wondelgem, Belgium, and was created by BLAF Architecten.

Even though the exterior of the home is box-like in structure, the interior is generous in its distribution of space, offering it an airy and spacious top quality.

Home in Wondelgem by BLAF Architecten:

“Although as a model it is no longer respectable in terms of density, land use and energy consumption, these days still the suburban allotment appears all over the place. Due to the affordability and the lack of area plots keep acquiring smaller to the level exactly where the extra value of the detached house surrounded by narrow strips of non-space is no longer clear. How to react as an architect when commissioned to design a property in these conditions without having becoming cynical, is one particular of the facets of BLAF’s investigation.

This compact house fits a square footprint of 11,50m x eleven,50m (38ft x 38ft). It is extruded to a 2 storey volume. From this envelope the angles are lower away in buy to enlarge the side strips of the plot and turn them into helpful garden room.

The prepare and the framework of the residence support the idea of the centrifugal interior space. 4 structural V-shaped walls divide the program into 4 equivalent living spaces that are connected in the center of the plan and open up in the direction of the exterior. The property is wrapped in a light timber frame building for thermal insulation and airtightness. The outside of the property is clad and completed with liquid rubber. The structural notion of the property is also noticeable in the interior. Concrete and brick aspects are left unfinished, the timber frame shell is finished with wooden cupboards and the ceiling of the ground floor displays a pattern in the falsework of the concrete that mirrors the floor strategy.”

1st Level
Second Level
Site Program

Images courtesy of BLAF Architecten

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