Gulf Islands Residence By RUFproject

RUFproject have designed the Gulf Islands Residence found in British Columbia, Canada.



A aware choice was manufactured to root the style of the house in the regional, west coast vernacular pioneered by architects this kind of as Ron Thom and Arthur Erickson, starting in the 1950s. The type is characterized by post-and beam-building with exposed timber structural members, comprehensive glazing, open floor strategies, interior-exterior hyperlinks, wood finishes, flat roofs, orientation to views and a delicate balance with the natural setting. These factors had been meticulously integrated to define a new and innovative vision of regional architecture. The layout of this personal residence responds to the clients’ wish for a “modern log cabin” on a valuable piece of oceanfront property.

They were torn among 2 ideals: on the a single hand the rustic Canadian log cabin and on the other the modernist glass property. By means of the use of expressive framework, expanses of glass, and a minimum materials palette, the project took this challenge as its basic idea, striving to reconcile the rustic with the contemporary in kind, materiality, and organization. The home has been created in the form of a bridge, generating a minimal footprint and attaining a high level of environmental performance on the web site, while enabling native grasses and flora to grow beneath.

Functioning with the topography, the property is defined in 2 parts—a strong stone base sunk into the land, referencing the present rock outcrops on the site, and a light timber “bridge” resting on the stone. With a tranquil inner courtyard protected from the prevailing southeast winds, the sturdy horizontals of the hefty timbers reference the horizon, and transparency on the ocean side opens the total residence to spectacular panoramic views of the sea.

Architecture & Layout: RUFproject
General Contractor: H.Hazenboom Development Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Parallel Consulting Structural Engineers Ltd.
Mechanical Engineer: Jade West Engineering Co. Ltd.
Geotechnical Engineer: Braun Geotechnical Ltd.

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