Gulf Islands Residence by RUFproject

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Gulf Islands Residence is a home located in British Columbia, Canada.

It was finished by RUFproject in 2011, and makes use of wood as a dominating element.

Gulf Islands Residence by RUFproject:

“The design and style of this Gulf Islands’ private residence responds to the Client’s brief for the creation of a ‘modern log cabin’ on a precious 3.1 acre piece of ocean-front residence. The consumer was torn amongst the notion of the rustic Canadian log cabin and the need for a modern day villa. Through the use of a hugely expressive structure, expanses of glass and a basic and minimal materials palette, the task took this challenge as its fundamental notion, striving to reconcile the rustic with the contemporary in its kind, materiality and organization.

There was a conscious decision to root the layout of the property in the neighborhood tradition of 1st Nations’ Extended Home development, with some even now in existence that date prior to the arrival of Europeans to British Columbia. The clear and direct connection of the prolonged span single member timber and its origin as a tree establish a basic connection to the landscape in which it sits.”

Images by: Ivan Hunter

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