‘Green’ Binh Thanh Property – Vietnam By Vo Trong Nghia And Sanuki + Nishizawa

Drawn from a traditional Vietnamese architectural method using ventilated concrete blocks, the Binh Thanh Residence, a “green” contemporary dream house, was developed on a tight urban plot. Developed by architect crew Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa, this 6-degree townhouse was developed for 2 households and resides in Ho Chi Minh City.

The vertically-driven developing functions volumes stacked with staggered precision, forming distinct garden terraces on various floors, which let for breezes, sunlight and greenery to be appreciated in spite of its populated city area.

The geometric pattern block, although derived from historical design and style, has been modernized supplying a contemporary aesthetic for the system. Sleek lower-outs across the facade permit for plentiful cross-ventilation, whilst encouraging light to penetrate interior spaces which function retractable glazing in purchase to best value this. The insets also give shade for the house, which is key in this warm climate. At evening, this squared grid artistically illuminates from inside of. How beautiful when function and wonderful type harmonize!

The strategy enables for 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, a separate dining and living area, property gymnasium, then a shared living area. Interiors are sparsely furnished while featuring a clean, earthy palette of concrete and wood. These open interiors are exposed on each sides of the house, taking complete benefit of the tropical greenery and all-natural light. A nearby canal ties into the organic elements of this urban dream residence.

An amazing serpentine staircase of molded concrete is an eye-catcher, softly offsetting the otherwise tough lines of the present day structure. On the inside, curved concrete ceilings and undulating walls of stone contribute additional dimension and interest inside of the minimalist spaces.

The Binh Thanh Home is an unconventional modern dream house portraying the ultimate maximization of room, although giving 3 generations a progressive “green” life-style inside of the landscape of a historic city.

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