Graphic Artwork Studio by Mike Jacobs Architecture

Made in 2008 by Mike Jacobs Architecture, this graphic arts studio ,the Lorraine Studio, is located in Los Angeles, California.
A 3.8kW photovoltaic array powers this 1,200 sf graphic arts studio on a house with an expanding loved ones. The layout, which evolved as a negotiation amongst the Los Angeles off-street parking requirements and regional zoning mandates, simultaneously satisfies and subverts local code.

Automobile parking tolerances were adopted in the spatial organization and siting of the construction. These are layered inside the domestic demands of the ground floor workspace through big customized-manufactured glass doors and a structural slab.

Heat & power needs for the 2 the framework and the pool are met with the photovoltaic panels on the roof. When the electrical power loads for the studio and pool are not needed, the program gives electrical offsets for the primary residence and when the property is unoccupied, the electrical power is distributed to the city of Los Angeles.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 12 February, 2014

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