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Glass Residence-Workplace Apartment by Fertility Design and style – Taiwan

A signal of the times, the Glass House-Office Apartment embraces today’s trend of working from home. Envisioned by Taiwanese company, Fertility Design, this modern dream apartment functions an oh-so-clever retractable glazed wall as part of its property workplace program.

Not only an aesthetically stylish component, this glass partition makes it possible for for utmost flexibility within the apartment’s plan. For instance, when closed, the workplace becomes its very own cocoon, a quiet workplace separate from the hustle and bustle from the family dwelling. Conversely, the opened doors generate a seamless nature between the adjacent living regions even though inducing a sense of spaciousness.

The entire apartment receives medium-wood flooring, permitting for a continuous flow, even though neutral tones are subdued and kept light in cream and pale grey.  The residing area characteristics a smooth stone wall which sits opposite the streamlined, customized cabinetry with insets creating soft lighting. Furnishings are contemporary and sparse, permitting the interiors to come to feel airy.

The close by kitchen was also completely customized with its personal wood block partition defining the space. A chandelier of transparent glass pendants adds a brilliance to this intimate nook.  The absence of an opaque office wall can be quickly appreciated from this shared kitchen-dining spot, as the room effortlessly meshes with the other individuals, generating a more substantial perception of the cozy apartment.

The workplace itself is a functional, organized and vivid area with large windows and created-in library shelving with glass doors allowing light to bounce. A nifty white-board was put in, not just for the specialist parents, but for a child to simultaneously take pleasure in as effectively. And that is the beauty of these retractable glass doors–they preserve the noise the 2 in or out as required by the energetic family members residing there.

Even the bedrooms are neatly arranged with hidden storage, such a resourceful layout attribute for a smaller sized scale area. Bespoke platform beds and dresser cabinetry which would maybe only be discovered within a wardrobe, are now exposed, maintaining the uncluttered, totally free vibe of the apartment.

An unconventional, contemporary dream house, the Glass Residence-Workplace Apartment gravitates in the direction of the corporate trend of open workplace regions, whilst remaining a basic, inviting place to live…and perform.

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Posted by Suzanne at 18 October, 2013

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