Gallery Home by GM Arquitectos

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Colombian architectural firm GM Arquitectos has designed the Gallery Property.

All-natural resources like bamboo, a neutral white colour scheme and movable glass walls are examples of design options produced to generate an surroundings exactly where art and nature could be concurrently celebrated.

Finished in 2013, this 5,382 square foot contemporary home is located in Pereira, Colombia.

Gallery Residence by GM Arquitectos:

“The task arises from the examination of 2 key premises, the system, demands, regular cost and client requests, and secondly the geographical context, spot, climate, and terrain.

The consumer is a family manufactured up of parents and their newborn daughter with a pastime like ar2rk collectors this was clear with his first application , which exhibit his performs have, on the other hand needed a property in make contact with with the open nature of the landscape, to give them the peace and tranquility not identified in the capital, 1st challenge, area the ar2rk in an open property, this volume serve to expose the performs and also for zoning and separating the service places are developed and social .

The spot has some specific qualities in terms of climate and landscape, the region is known in Colombia for its abundant bamboo and warm weather , since of this we integrate the surrounding landscape making use of bamboo as the main enclosure with this we managed not only to insert in the landscape if you do not enable this natural ventilation minimizing the use of energy to amazing the home , second good deal has a steep slope towards the bamboo , what we did was to have the lowest achievable earthwork adapting the most subtle way achievable the contours of the land , and with this gesture, as nicely as minimizing the fees of the operate, we create a lounge in which a servant initial gym , then a study, it was imagined a bed and breakfast , all although the process of layout, then it was decided to produce a space in which you could use in accordance to consumer wants .

The French windows of the home were developed phones in order to create movement in between the inside and the outdoors , producing a shut partnership with the organic atmosphere , the white shade, supplies and decoration have been studied in order to not compete with normal green and ar2rks, the 2 main elements of the project.”

Photographs by: Luis Fernando Ramos

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