G House by Lorenzo Guzzini

Italian architect Lorenzo Guzzini has created the G Home.

Finished in 2013, this home is situated in Cerano D’intelvi, Italy.

This villa was fully remodelled to shell out homage to the background of the creating itself and the family inside of.

The result is a residence with a modernised victorian vibe, filled with texture.

G House by Lorenzo Guzzini:

“The notion of the project is to value an abandoned villa from 19th century in Como, by means of an architectural re-elaboration of the owners’ s memories. The household that live into this house is from a central region of Italy, Marche and they employed to reside among the medieval villages created in bricks. For them building implies matter, bulk and static.

The perimetral framework made in total stone shows the poetic sensitivity of matter. There is a matter that talks about a personalized memory, the bricks, and a matter that talks about a historical memory, the stone, that describes the constructive strategy employed to constructed the ancient homes. These to recollections meet each and every other into this residence.

The project conserved the facades and scratched the walls to discover the stone behind the plaster. The inner walls are built in whole bricks. Thanks to the realization of the walls by the Gothic texture, the detail enable to pass the wiring method within the walls.

The central double substantial is on best of the living space. The ground floor is composed by this living space and 2 boxes, 1 with the kitchen and the other with the office.

On prime of this 2 spaces, divided by the double higher, there are 2 tubes. Inside them there are the bed rooms, one particular for the owners, the other for the guests.

Some crystal bricks are nestled into the walls to have a light communication among the spaces of the complete residence. The attic is the room reserved for the owners’ s sons.

In conclusion, all of these spaces inform us that private memory is a quick portion of a collective memory. Like a image,the character of this villa freezes into the time the elements that belong to this loved ones, but that are, in the very same time, component of the basic culture.”

Images by: Valeria Bellora

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