Fairhaven Seaside Home – Victoria, Australia by John Wardle Architects

Shapes, dimension and movement define the Fairhaven Beach Residence in Victoria, Australia. Perched high above the coastline, this modern day dream home’s dramatic U-shaped plan was invented by John Wardle Architects. 

A skin of grey zinc meshes with the seascape, while cantilevering and plentiful convex volumes offer you distinction. A big angular front door greets, top residents and guests into a extended, timber-clad entrance corridor. In fact, the home’s interiors are totally sheathed in this smooth warm wood, portraying a sleek minimalistic power inside an earthy coastal setting.

With 3 separate stories–basement, ground floor and 1st floor–rooms are massive and spread out. A long, narrow wine cellar is nestled subsequent to a informal living location and is on the same level as the 2-car garage. The subsequent story unfolds to reveal the primary residing region, dining space, research and 2 bedrooms (the third one particular is on the best floor.) The panoramic ocean views are magnetic, whilst the sound of the surf rises up in the direction of the residence making a hypnotic lullaby.

The kitchen features a enormous sliding window over the sink and an substantial flat-panel storage system which remains flush with walls producing a streamlined aesthetic. An asymmetrical wooden island assists transition the room to the dining space. The wooden table and chairs appear camouflaged inside the timber-clad space and, with the plate glass windows, seem to be to have the capability to slide out in the direction of the ocean at any offered moment–love this visual suspense!

Even though sparsely furnished–a yellow leather sofa here, a grey-cushioned chair there–the home retains warmth, whilst a large glass-and-steel wood-burning stove deposits a particular coziness. Little perks of colour like red and aqua seem, very fresh towards the abundant wood grain featured across the interiors. A central courtyard positioned to be protected from harsh winds gathers the living spaces together and attributes a wood deck replete with developed-in outdoor grilling station.

Fairhaven Beach Home may possibly be one of the most exclusive contemporary dream properties with sudden angular folds and captivating visual connections to its rugged coastline.

Posted by Suzanne at 18 December, 2013

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