Elizabeth House by Masfernandez Arquitectos

Situated on a cliff in Algarrobo, Chile, this beautiful modern seaside retreat was made in 2014 for a single 50 years old mom by architecture firm Masfernandez Arquitectos.

“Thinking about a 2nd residence, it is inevitable to imagine a spot with particular functions, much far more if it is facing the sea. The Elizabeth Home, as we phone it for a prolonged time in honor of his owner, who is a single 50 many years old mother, displays extremely nicely the clarity, simplicity and honesty with which, in our view, need to tackle these tasks.

The critical thing was the location, to refuge from the wind of Punta de Gallo cliff, and to protect the surrounding vegetation of weeds, thorns and docks. The house is based mostly on a grid of pillars of 3.50 x 3.50 meters, that sorts properly modulating beams that ends up embracing the residence , foremost a terrace and a little central area (the place the Jacuzzi barrel is). The structure is left to the view being portion of the external expression of the property.

The walls, that are arranged within of the construction, make enclosures whose dimensions are organized on the module. The interior partitions are created of white painted pine, the same wood selected for the structure, a wood of the location and really properly known by all carpenter. So, this shelter on a cliff of the coast of the V Area of Chile has been opened for a handful of months and has already obtained site visitors that are hunting for a area to retire and look into the sea.

Outdoors, the residence was handled with graphite gray primers that make certain lower upkeep in excess of time and that strengthen the type of a container.”

Posted by Keren Fathi-Bad at 8 April, 2014

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