Dream House : Dakota Dunes Residence by Knowles Blunck Architecture (13 Photographs)

Set in an affluent advancement alongside the Missouri River this beautiful modern personal residence by Knowles Blunck Architecture  was made to maximize views and daylight, but even now supply a sense of privacy and intimacy. This is achieved through the use of a twisted roof plane that bathes the master suite in light in the morning, and illuminates the living space late in the day, following the normal day-to-day program of the clients.

Living spaces are elevated one particular story above grade and are supported from 3 cast in area concrete walls with a steel frame spanning among. This was carried out to help safeguard against structural damage when the river floods. It also serves a dual function of preserving views from the street to the river, some thing no other house in the advancement manages to do.

My favored portion of this home is the exterior option of materials – the warm colored wood and the black galvanized steel frame.

Also the comprehensive number of windows in the property can make it so light and feels as 1 with nature.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Bad at 17 April, 2014

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