DLC Property By Vanguarda Architects

Vanguarda Architects have developed the DLC Residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



This house has been made from a big white enclosing wall that includes all the functions and is fully open to the backyard so as to take pleasure in the diverse views to the lake and its organic environment. The access is materialized through a stone folded wall that turns the access into a wall that separates the parking spaces, behind which the home service rooms are identified: laundry, storage space, pantry, service bedroom and bathroom.

To the left of the access, on the front, there is a examine strategically situated so as to acquire more privacy. The sitting area, of a double height, consists of the sculpture-like staircase that prospects us to the upper floor and is integrated into the dining area, designed for household meetings from a huge table surrounded by sofas and chairs. Following this, we locate the kitchen, also which includes an informal dining space or breakfast counter and a tiny loved ones space. On the rear façade, a massive projecting roof that comes from inside the glass façade forms the gallery, above which we discover a large terrace with panoramic view that might be accessed from the master suite. The other bedrooms, 2 en-suites, had been placed to the front of the good deal to be utilized on weekends by the owners’ children and their families.

Architect: Vanguarda Architects

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