Conan House - South Korea- Moon Hoon-exterior

Conan House – South Korea By Moon Hoon

Set on a lakefront inside a tourist destination, the Conan Home in Daejeon, South Korea is certainly a contemporary dream house spectacle. And an ultra-great a single at that. Designed by cheeky architect Moon Hoon, this sculptural vertical pod entrances with a an industrial, nevertheless serene vibe.

This cube-like property was constructed for a young family members whose 1 major requirement was to have ample exhibition space for their growing miniature robot assortment. The contemporary white dwelling just in excess of 1,25 square feet is ridden with a series of external recesses. Even more innovation lies inside of the internal formation of stacked trapezoidal planes which are rooted about the core stairwell ascending all 6 floors. Jagged and angular windows viewing the water and mountains are placed on every single face of the polygonal exterior so as to draw vibrant light in from the ground floor to attic area, which is where this stairway reaches.

From the outside, the whimsical construction demands a double-take, with sheared corners and a bold red entry door–triangular and dimensional–that is covert nevertheless welcoming. When within, however, this is exactly where the minimalist magic commences. Wood floors and white walls are the regular aesthetic of all living areas which includes the 2-tiered modular library, residence office, dining zone, kitchen, master bedroom, child’s bedroom and play space. A geometric white railing grid acts as a screen in between the spiraling staircase and the central void produced by it.

With a restrained palette coupled with sparse furnishings, (a nod to Korean tradition), this home, aptly nicknamed “Play Property,” functions distinctive square-shaped displays for the robotic figurines, as well as a 2-story, cherry-red slide in the attic play area which shines with a sunny yellow ceiling. Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting strips portray a sleek design element even though illuminating the interior spaces.

The Conan Property is a modern day dream house, a convex stacked box brimming with functionalism and a playful power for all who inhabit it.

Photographs © Moon Hoon.

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