Chemin Bord du Lac- Quebec- Canada- Henri Cleinge

Chemin Bord Du Lac – Quebec, Canada By Henri Cleinge

Following a seemingly expanding trend, Chemin Bord du Lac is a modern day dream house developed for a multi-generational family members residing in Dorval, Quebec, Canada. Architect Henri Cleinge magnificently melded a centuries-previous home with a brand new structure.

The modern addition is a dark wood and glass box elegantly linked to the existing house via an enclosed upper-level bridge. This sleek facade contrasts strikingly against the vintage stonework and gabled windows of the 200-yr outdated estate which was totally remodeled. Even with such a juxtaposition of time, the 2 structures deal with to complement every single other elegantly.

The interiors of the 2-story modern day dwelling are drenched in a sophisticated palette of black and white with glazed walls and upper windows framing countless views of the waterfront landscape. A swimming pool embraced by a huge decked terrace smartly ties in the rest of the deep woods across each dwellings.

In the residing area the ceiling soars, reaching the 2 amounts of the open-prepare property. Buttery black leather furnishings and reddish wood reduced-set tables cascade across the dark flooring, with pops of lime green appearing in fluffy throw pillows. This area flows into the following which is the kitchen, clad with a combine of tonal woods in a wall, the ceiling and amongst the cabinetry. A smoky mirrored backsplash shimmers with a reflection of the spacious living location and shoreline past that.

The master suite is upstairs, perched on a glass-railed mezzanine level which overlooks the living space. Dark wood flooring and charcoal grey furnishings melt into 1 another generating a subdued location to slumber. The spa bathroom of white and wood is exciting, as it as well opens to the decrease level, in which a freestanding soaking tub can be viewed from the 1st floor.

A slatted wooden display shields the staircase which ascends to the bridge foremost to the historical home. The restoration is meticulous, with original exposed beams resting gracefully towards the sloped ceilings which have been painted white. The rustic stonework is magical, especially when sharing space with the newly set up modern fittings this kind of as the stainless steel appointments in the kitchen or the modern developed-in linear desk.

Constructed for generations now and into the potential, Chemin Bord du Lac is a present day dream home rooted with a wealthy heritage thanks to its fascinating, unique counterpart.

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