Charlotte Perriand La Maison au Bord de l’Eau with Louis Vuitton – Miami Beach, Florida

It is not only breathtaking but very spectacular–and we’re not just talking about this contemporary dream property itself. Charlotte Perriand was so ahead of her time when in 1934 she made La Maison au Bord de l’Eau, or residence by the water. The modernist architect, designer, planner and photographer was progressive in her utilization of materials (cost-powerful wood, glass and fabric), as effectively as her integration of an eco-pleasant, pre-fabricated vacation dwelling.

The satellite exhibition was unveiled in the course of Miami Beach’s famed Ar2rk Basel as part of Design Miami. The structure was developed for this year’s exhibit by Louise Vuitton in collaboration with the architect’s daughter, Pernette Perriand-Barsac primarily based on the architect’s sketches from 1934. The beachy-mod cottage is perched on a series of  wooden blocks, sitting right on the beach behind The Raleigh Hotel and looking properly nestled on the sands as it was 1st meant by Perriand.

A modest U-shaped home, smooth wood wraps walls, ceilings and floors throughout. Plentiful windows and massive sliding glass doors expose the interiors to the balmy outside, whilst a central deck is covered by a white fabric canopy delivering just ample shade for loungers. And speaking of lounging, a single of Perriand’s signature chaise designs is spotlighted on the deck, resting behind a glazed railing.

The bedrooms encompass a single side of the house, whilst the primary residing areas like kitchen and dining space occupy the other. Interestingly, Perriand designed the standard, but straightforward elegant beds with neck-rolls and metal frames. Furnishings are also constructed of wood, permitting the interiors to harmoniously blend with each other. Created-ins are all over the place from tables to benches and shelving to consoles, creating for a functional house in spite of the small spaces. A stainless steel clad bathroom amazes with its gleaming finishes which contrast the wood-deck floor magnificently. Accents of blue are found in sleek cylindrical lighting fixtures, countertops and decor, matching the corrugated metal roof bringing collectively a cohesive vibe.

La Maison au Bord de l’Eau is a present day dream property masterpiece, a single envisioned by a   pioneering lady 80 years ago and, ever so gratefully, brought to daily life by a mega vogue residence of nowadays.

Posted by Suzanne at 23 January, 2014

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