C&C Property by Arias Recalde Taller de arquitectura

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C&C Home is a private residence created by Arias Recalde Taller de arquitectura.

It is found in Dúdar, Granada, Spain.

C&C Residence by Arias Recalde Taller de arquitectura:

“C&C are a younger couple, living in rented accommodation and dreaming of owning their own home .

The present economic scenario and lack of credit assistance manufactured their dream become not possible since they can not afford to purchase a house or a plot of land at the present market charges.

Instances of crisis = chance time. The mother and father of C have for many years a 2nd residence which they employed in weekends and partially in the summer season, constructed in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Granada, fits the requirements that C & C demand for their home, giving them their second home as a starting point.

C & C want a spacious house, tons of light, energy-efficiency and creating the most of the fantastic views that the plot has.

We propose a restructuring and expansion of the current housing, renovating its facilities and its enclosure and skin, completing a plan that makes it possible for housing accommodate C & C and the stays of C’s mother and father.

C outsources the chapters that demand specialized intervention (demolition, framework and amenities and collects a handful of friends to assist them collaborate on weekends in exchange for barbeques and great instances.

C does not surrender and keeps asking for rates to get the greatest offers, renting machinery and auxiliary tools and gathering a group of buddies to renew the house’s skin.

The aim was to create a properly insulated home to eat significantly less vitality, using substantial good quality energy materials on it and enhancing the isolation to minimize thermal looses.

– The glass windows are double glazed with argon chamber like far more insulation capacity air chamber.

– The carpenters are substantial top quality aluminum with thermal break.

– Isolation of the facades is rock wool 80 mm (3.15 in) thick and waterproof membrane. Aside from isolation exists an air chamber 2 cm (.79 in) underneath the outer layer of wood -cement panel, which enhances the isolation of the facade.

Thanks to the continuity of the insulating enclosure avoids any type of thermal bridges amongst the junctions of brackets and beams to the outer shell. By growing insulation and keep away from thermal bridges is attained architecturally extremely nicely insulated with lower thermal transmittance of .31 W/m2 K.”

Basement / First Level
Second Degree / Website Prepare

Pictures by: Fernando Alda & courtesy of Arias Recalde Taller de arquitectura

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