Casa Torremocha by Otto Medem de la Torriente

Casa Torremocha is a private residence created by Otto Medem de la Torriente.

It is situated in Torremocha de Jarama, in the Community of Madrid, Spain.

Casa Torremocha by Otto Medem de la Torriente:

“The task is defined as a home and studio for a photographer in the mountains of Madrid, an environment conductive to quietude, dominated by vegetation and nature.

There have been 2 situations from which we designed the undertaking:

one. The photography studio as a workplace for the client, exactly where he would commit considerably of his time.

2. The romantic relationship of the home with the natural surroundings.

The attributes of the plot and the characteristic slate stone of the site where of wonderful help in the layout of spaces, volumes and materiality.

We commence by separating the housing and studio volumes through a basement constructed with a reinforced concrete wall, built into the ground to bridge the height distinction of the sloping plot.

This basement is clad in the exact same slate which supports the residence, producing it part of the web site. The 2 housing volumes rise in order to dominate the surroundings from the interior. They are clad in apiary stone that blends with the natural landscape of this region of the mountain.

The housing plan is designed on the ground floor: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen-dining space, and a massive living room from which to contemplate the quiet of the hillside. The studio is situated on the first floor, spatially connected with the ground floor and framing the see from its massive windows.

The construction of the property is designed with a framework of load bearing brick walls, metallic columns and concrete 1-way slabs, and a sloping roof with hidden gutters, that make the edges of the principal volume define the boundaries of the property.

The volumetric ensemble permits one to perceive how the dwelling adapts to the steep topography of the site from exactly where it dominates the landscape, sunlight and dialogue with its most immediate surroundings.

A composition in harmony with the stone folds of Torremocha del Jarama.

A straightforward building, without having much technological and cost-effective fanfare, without possessing to sacrifice an avant-garde aesthetic.”

Very first Level
Second Level

Images by: Antonio Terrón

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