Casa Sal by Nook Architects

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Casa Sal is a residential undertaking completed by Nook Architects in 2013.

It is situated in Barcelona, Spain.

Casa Sal by Nook Architects:

“For nook there are 2 distinct types of tasks from the client’s level of see: that of an proprietor who will dwell on the dwelling, and these targeted for an unknown user (for example, a rental apartment). On commissions for the first instance, we consider get to know the client’s day to day customs and habits as thoroughly as attainable- anything that could have an result on their way of daily life.

This was the situation of CASA SAL, in which the refurbishment of a dwelling was shaped about character of its proprietor.

On the other hand, we had to face de issues of the unique geometry, a very compartmentalised rectangle, only 3 metres (10 feet) wide, and 19 metres (62 feet) extended. On 1 of its ends lay a terrace in really poor problems, elevated in regards to the dwellings floor level, which could only be accessed via a narrow, opaque door.

These had been the premises we worked about in order to fix the architectural problems of the home and the practical requirements of our client. From the start, it concerned teamwork, between the architects and the consumer.

For the consumer, the most essential part was the kitchen, which had to be the heart of the residence functional, resistant, lively, and quite considerably on the lead in regards to the rest of the room.

The kitchen therefore articulates the rest of the spaces: on 1 side there is the residing room with Accessibility to the terrace, and on the other the most private regions, her bedroom and examine, a bathroom and a guest space.

To counter the sensation of the narrow proportions of the dwelling, we taken care of the pavement with fringes of different sorts of very eye-catching finishes, placing far more resistant components in the kitchen, bathroom, and study, and combining them with Wood for a softer search and really feel on the rest of the house.

Our consumer participated by deciding on the diverse tiles utilized: a hydraulic mosaic for the kitchen with geometrical shapes, a floral theme for the examine, and a checker board for the bathroom.
Fort he terrace, we had a double goal: to solve the deficient connection between it and the living area and to transform into source of organic light, providing it a purpose all 12 months long.

This is why we made the decision to open a big hole on the facade and placed a seating bench that doubles as a stair and storage region with bookcases and drawers. The same pavement was employed to finish the terrace on the outdoors, and the bench on the within, making the terrace portion of the living room itself.

We understood from the beginning that even even though our intervention was more than, the client’s intervention had only begun. She now has a commencing stage based mostly on a extremely acquainted architecture to her previous, her tastes, and way of dwell, which will evolve naturally and alongside herself.”

Floor Program
Section/Floor Program

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