Casa Planalto by Flavio Castro

Casa Planalto is a venture completed by Flavio Castro.

The house is located in Planalto Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, and covers an spot of 8,600 square feet.

Casa Planalto by Flavio Castro:

“The way of appropriation of the 800 square meters (8,600 square feet) accessible for the establishment of the home (20x40m [66x130ft]) is quite clear. 2 huge perpendiculars volumes mark the territory and categorize the employs and functions of other regions of the land. A rectangular prism, perpendicular to the street, includes the intimate characteristics of the residence on the upper floor, occupying only half of the land and releasing the other half for recreation and landscaping.

Serving as a support and focused only on the principal floor, another rectangular prism, but in different proportions, is made up of the services and social functions of the property. The upper volume seems to rest on the major floor, which produces a series of statements that reinforce the architectural propose. Major floor and upper floor are implanted orthogonally. Exactly on this single stage of speak to, there is the vertical connection between them.

The metal beams on the edge of the volume parallel to the street, reinforce the notion of ​​independence in between the volumes and reveal the structural working of the residence. The residence has a mixed structure of pillars and metal ‘I’ beams and substantial slabs of concrete with twenty cm (8 in) thickness.

The principal entry platform, situated under the front overhang on the major floor, provides access to the corridor 1.80 m (6 ft) wide operating by means of the residence, connecting various environments. Right after passing through the services location, we come to the stage of access to 2 crucial areas: the social rooms (like an indoor pavilion) and the barbecue area (recreation). A backyard-terrace covers the principal floor block of the garage and recreation region. It can be accessed by the stairs at the recreation spot.It is a area of multiple functions.

The characteristics of the materials used in this residence as chromaticism, texture and transparency have been very carefully chosen since of the intentions pursued in each and every room. Even though the transparence integrates, the concrete do the opposite. The concrete walls divide the space, whilst the large sliding glass doors bring the landscape into the home.

The components are sincere. The concrete, glass, wood and steel are proven in its essence, without intermediaries.”

Photographs by: Nelson Kon

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