Casa Para Siempre by Longhi Architects

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Casa Para Siempre – “House For Ever” – is a private residence found in La Planicie, Lima, Peru.

It was developed by Longhi Architects with the intention of making a construction that would serve as a long lasting household property.

Casa Para Siempre by Longhi Architects:

“When a younger couple came to my workplace to commission the design and development of a home exactly where they would reside forever, I knew I had in my hands a great chance to continue in my search of ancestral modern architecture. In that moment, I was prepared to dedicate unique time to interpret their dreams in purchase to generate a ‘container of lifestyle.’

My vision for a particular property was confirmed when I went to the internet site for the very first time and realized that it was presently occupied by an outdated property in which the couple was residing with their 2 children. Then, the process was to demolish the material but trying to keep the spirit, in buy to substitute the old construction for a ‘House for Ever’

The metaphor for the style was to picture that a big ancestral rock was found in the web site and necessary to be carved in buy to accommodate the residing spaces.

This ‘black carved stone’ would be occupied by a 4 vehicle garage, service patio, maid’s quarters and pool baths in the basement kitchen, dining and residing spaces in the initial floor. The carving of the spaces would make exciting ‘built in’ furnishings with robust texture to be assorted with other normal and artificial components in buy for the allegory stone to stay as normal as possible to ultimately be perceived as portion of the owner’s sought after backyard.

To full the composition, the blackstone base supports 4 cantilever volumes containing the intimate rooms, as the ‘white floating stones’ after ambitioned by the consumer.”

Pictures by: Juan Solano

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