Casa Hacienda de Chicureo by Raimundo Anguita

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Casa Hacienda de Chicureo is a personal residence made by Raimundo Anguita.

It is found in Chicureo, Chile, and was completed in 2007.

Casa Hacienda de Chicureo by Raimundo Anguita:

“This Project is positioned just outside the city limits of Santiago, in a ground of 3000 m2. It borders a Golf Discipline with a excellent dominion of the surroundings and hills that restrict the “Chicureo Valley”

The owners, a youthful couple with a numerous loved ones, ordered a residence with a standard program of 2 floors the place loved ones existence and experience have been the priority.

The house plant is structured in the kind of an “U”, gaining ground and conforming a yard that constitutes a intermediate space between in and outdoors. This ties up and illuminates all spaces within the residence. A spot that enables perceiving the surroundings even though maintaining the privacy.

The system is organized in 2 floors: The 2nd floor is believed as exposed concrete and is virtually supported on glass. In this volume, hermetic from the outside but with dominion of the views from the within, it lodges the most personal enclosures of the property such as bedrooms, baths and typical places. The first stage, extremely open and transparent, lodges the more public regions (accessibility hall, Living Space, Dining space and Kitchen). Living Room and Terrace end up conforming the central yard to a volume of a floor that is given to the backyard.

The concrete symbolizes the solidity, texture and robustness that protects and it’s contrasted with the glass, which is transparent and fragile.

This way a quite clear property rises where a diversity of indoor and outside spaces are produced, tied by the central yard and in which the more public spaces are contacted with the surroundings while the most personal spaces are protected from it with no loosing it is dominion.”

Photographs by: Oliver Llaneza

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