Casa Cor - Brazil- Pedro Lázaro-modern dream home

Casa Cor – Belo Horizonte, Brazil by Pedro Lázaro

Developed as an annex to an present residence, Casa Cor in Belo Horizonte, Brazil is a rectangular box framework nestled into its setting of organic nature. Created by local architect Pedro Lázaro, this modern dream home engages with the imaginative way its interiors superbly mesh with the outdoor environ.

Rustic wood, concrete and glass envelop the modest constructing which is embraced by 2 elongated glazed walls and a massive deck terrace with welded walls of thick steel which translate into the interior walls as well. With the sloped setting, this new dwelling is raised on a criss-cross steel assistance technique which enables it to gently nestle into its organic topography.

A wide timber trim wraps the roofline of the residence which connects internally with the ceilings of the very same earthy material clad with 2 rows of square-shaped recessed lighting. Set opposite the smooth concrete floor tiles, this house represents a graceful stability of raw components. The vistas of lush, tropical foliage and mature tree-scape is beautiful. Walls of concrete and steel share room with mossy green drapery which gets optional for privacy.

A neutral palette of brown, grey, ecru and green lends this kind of a warm, inviting vibe, in no way mind a seamless connection with the earthy components just outdoors. The single-room addition attributes modern minimalist furnishings in a blend of leather, fabric, wood and metal, with layered textures this kind of as the pebbled accent rug incorporating a dimensional allure.

Abstract ar2rk is hung or rests casually towards a wall, although a mounted ladder-to-nowhere cascades freely from the ceiling into the room, incorporating a touch of whimsy. A customized wood shelf floats against a wall, featuring a reverse-tone cobalt and wood ribbon–simply beautiful!

Casa Cor is a little modern day dream house resounding with a rustic elegance and a definitive romantic relationship to nature.

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Posted by Suzanne at 6 November, 2013

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