Brick Bay Home By Glamuzina Paterson Architects

Glamuzina Paterson Architects have made the Brick Bay Property in Snells Beach, New Zealand.



The Brick Bay House is an enquiry into in which a site begins and ends how to define the edges of the venture and the way landscape may be inhabited. Firmly dug into the earth and composed as a easy L program, its minimal kind recollects modest farming buildings and the concept of an ‘Elegant Shed’.

The house was designed for a loved ones of 5, with the consumers wanting a residence that responded to the contours of the land with a relaxed sense of connection to the rural surroundings. The residence is located on the road to Snell’s Seaside on a 4 ha section, that’s steeply rises to the west with views to Kawau Bay and a principal road along the south western boundary.

The residence negotiates the contours of the internet site with the personal places staggering down the hill to the south, producing a courtyard, and offering protection. The L plan varieties a barrier to the road over on the south west boundary, blocking noise and providing privacy. The north deck opens to the east and west permitting afternoon sun to penetrate the residing regions. The open strategy residing places below the gable roof have porch enclosures to north and east that frame views to Kawau Bay.

The facade of Macrocarpa board and batten wraps the house with a beautifully textured grain that offers a normal warmth to the façade, registering time as its colour alterations. The louvered frame to the walkway gallery gives shade in the summer and safety in the winter. The environmental advantages of timber was vital to the project, with timber becoming locally sourced and milled in small runs from Riverhead shelterbelt trees. Waste was dealt with on web site with sawdust employed for the garden and farm, and off-cuts for firewood and furnishings.

Architects: Glamuzina Paterson Architects

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