Box Home by 1:one arquitetura:design and style

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Box Property is a residential project finished in 2013 by one:one arquitetura:design.

It is positioned in Brasilia, Brazil, and has an inner distribution that is compact and cozy.

Box House by 1:1 arquitetura:style:

“Box residence is a conceptual project that experiments with a new way to occupation of the space and form.

It was born beneath the idea of pool property which is made up of 2 bedrooms, a social bathroom, a small services location and a gourmet place. Worked significantly less than 65 square meters (700 square feet).

The volume was designed as a concrete box, with enough persona, the entries of the box are marked with a rusty steel form, within the creating we have consider to use a very fun combine of textures, colours and Brazilian design and style furnishings with the firms of Marcus Ferreira, Paulo Alves, Aristeu Pires, and an additional large names. The owner of the property is a young expert, single and ready to start daily life with a lot of style.”

Floor Program

Photographs by: Cesar Edgard

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