Black Box by form_artwork architects

Black Box is a private residence developed by form_ar2rk architects.

It was completed in 2013 and is located in London, England.

Black Box by type_ar2rk architects:

“The notion of the mews served as the commencing level for Blackbox in a lot more ways than just its bodily area. In contrast to the classic mews architecture of reliable brick enclosures with small windows and minor daylight, this style is filled with light, but even now respects the contextual language of a ‘solid box’.

The layout attributes of the entrance courtyard and staircase in this instance are important for the purpose of creating light into the heart of the property. As a result of the bodily area provided over to the courtyard, the ephemeral attributes developed are ‘borrowed’ back so to communicate.”


Photographs by: Timothy Soar

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