Biribildu By Minas Kosmidis

Minas Kosmidis has designed a quickly informal souvlaki restaurant known as Biribildu in Athens, Greece.



Biribildou in the language of the Basks means….

It is about a fast meals restaurant with tasted reviews in the Greek kitchen and designing reports in the wheel and in almost everything that rounds all around itself. It rounds like ‘gyros’ (Greek specialize) which is the primary solution in the menu of the quick food restaurant.

There are reviews in the magical planet of the circus and the carousels with whom a scene in a spot of 70m (square) with see to a coast location of Athens.

2 horses from the carousels welcome you, although they also put limits in the way that the buyers moves in the restaurant. 3 enormous wooden boxes have been place in length and parallel with the facade and they inside hide the kitchen, the wc and the shed that want to be hidden from the customers reminding the transporting boxes for beneficial items of the circus Biribildou. Amid them the income desk, like the cage of a tiger, even though above 1 box there is the wheel where there are the knives of mr Biribildou.

Left from the cash there is the serving spot. In excess of it there are lights hanging in ornate iron operate which entice the buyers to see, choose and purchase from the menu of the open kitchen they are gonna meet. Correct from the cash there are 2 big tables in distinct height with chairs that invite the buyers to sit and taste their selections whilst lights with the miniatures of the circus tent are hanging over them.
Behind the big tables there are wooden surfaces with posters, sketches and stamps with full the ambiance.

The wc are like the dressing space of the actors of Biribildou. The roof with reports to patterns produced of plaster of another age, the Mediterranean patterns from tiles that hug the vent, the floor in texture and in colour that seems like moist sand (shavings) like these that use in the tent of the circus full the scene.

Designer: Minas Kosmidis

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