Bird’s Nest by Brent Kendle

By Magaly • 52 mins ago

Bird’s Nest is a personal residence created by Brent Kendle.

It is situated in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, with an interior that is pure, sleek sophistication and elegance.

Bird’s Nest by Brent Kendle:

“The Bird’s Nest residence is characterized by sturdy geometric forms reminiscent of mid-century modern day architecture with influences from Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler. The guiding concepts of the modern masters are evident in the building’s clean simplicity and sophisticated integration into the website.

The use of normal components and the seamless romantic relationship of interior to exterior spaces create an airy feeling of openness and an expansive high quality. The huge open space of the Excellent Space and its direct relationship to the adjacent pool terrace serves as the organizing principal.

This tall central volume has an unobstructed visual link to the Kitchen and Dining spaces as nicely as to the 2 the enclosed front courtyard and the pool terrace. All rooms, like “birds nest” on the second floor, have quick access to a private courtyard, terrace or exterior space that give the residence an intimate scale.

The native desert plants and the trees serve as counterpoint to soften the bold geometry and rectilinear constructing kinds. The site walls are thoughtfully integrated into the landscape style producing serene courtyards although keeping the owner’s need for a higher degree of privacy.”

Photographs by: Winquist Photography

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