Ballard Aperture Residence by Initial Lamp Architecture

By Holly – Classes: Dining Area, Hall and Entrance, Homes, Kitchen, Staircase, Terrace   

Seattle-based architectural company 1st Lamp Architecture has created the Ballard Aperture House.

Finished in 2013, this contemporary property in Seattle, Washington, USA, consists of 2 separate properties which had been made employing rules of optics in order to develop pleasant urban residing environments.

Ballard Aperture Home by 1st Lamp Architecture:

“Modern urban houses are a push towards the growing complexity of urban lifestyle. We depend on our homes to stability our lifestyle towards the outside world. When we arrive residence, we require a filter – a area that welcomes us whilst holding at bay the chaos of the world behind us. From inside, our view becomes sharpened because we have respite from the magnitude of its influence.

In every single respect, these 2 properties embody the modern spirit of shelter. Room efficiency and materials science have propelled our quest for a lighter footprint, and every detail has been crafted for the sole objective of completely serving individuals inside. Available for sale in early 2013, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of the Ballard Aperture Townhomes.”

Photographs by: Taylor Callaway

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